Yummy Sports MARINE COLLAGEN+, 30 Servings


Yummy Sports Marine Collagen+

High Quality Marine Sourced Collagen With Biotin

Skin, Hair, and Nail Support: Derived from pure sources, Marine Collagen+ aids in enhancing skin elasticity and hydration.
Beauty from Within: Nourishes your natural beauty with marine collagen’s rejuvenating properties.
Delectable Flavors: Enjoy the goodness of Marine Collagen+ in delightful fruity flavors.

Earn up to 55 Points.

Yummy Sports Marine Collagen+ features high-quality marine sourced collagen with biotin, hyaluronic acid, and inositol. This formulation supports joint health and alleviates pain while promoting skin, hair, and nail health. Indulge in amazing fruity flavors or opt for unflavored to seamlessly mix into your morning coffee for a refreshing start to your day.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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Peach Mango, Star Fruit Kiwi, Unflavoured


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