Prairie Naturals ELECTROLYTE FUEL, 252g


Prairie Naturals Electrolyte Fuel

Revitalize with Alkaline Wellness

Hydrate, Replenish, Recover: Alkaline mineral mix with organic lemon juice for optimal hydration.
Vegan & Stevia Sweetened: Pure refreshment without sugar or artificial additives.
pH Balance Boost: Citrate minerals and Celtic salt for improved immune health and reduced inflammation.
Prevent Keto Flu: Combat electrolyte deficiency with this essential post-workout companion.
Muscle & Bone Support: Ensure muscle contraction, cell function, and signaling for peak performance.

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Say goodbye to the keto flu and welcome Prairie Naturals Electrolyte Fuel, your key to preventing dehydration and ensuring optimal mineral balance. This all-natural lemon and aloe drink mix goes beyond mere hydration—it’s a flavorful journey to alkaline wellness.

Free from sugar, artificial sweeteners, and gluten, Electrolyte Fuel is a vegan delight sweetened with stevia. Infused with the goodness of organic lemon juice, it’s a super-alkalizing agent that aids in cellular detoxification and energy production.

Why Choose Electrolyte Fuel:

pH Balance: Citrate minerals and Celtic salt support balanced internal pH, reducing inflammation and promoting bone and muscle strength.
Pre and Post-Workout: Ideal for rehydrating and replenishing minerals before and after exercise.
Electrolyte Excellence: Prevent muscle weakness, twitching, fatigue, and cramps with this essential electrolyte source.

Make alkaline hydration a part of your daily routine with Electrolyte Fuel. Whether you’re an athlete or just striving for overall well-being, this mineral-enhanced drink mix is your tasty ticket to a revitalized you.
Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.


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