PharmaFreak RIPPED & LEAN FREAK – 30 Day Fat Loss Stack


PharmaFreak Freak & Lean Freak Stack

Revolutionize your fitness journey with a 30 day balanced approach to energy, fat loss, and overall well-being.

LEAN FREAK: Low stimulant formula (22mg per serving)
RIPPED FREAK: High stimulant formula (350mg per serving)
Stack for Power: Combine both for high energy and effective fat loss.

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Introducing the ultimate energy and fat loss stack with LEAN FREAK and RIPPED FREAK. LEAN FREAK, with its low-stimulant formula at 22mg per serving, provides a smooth and sustained boost without overwhelming stimulants. Start your day with 2 capsules of LEAN FREAK before breakfast for a kickstart to your metabolism.

For those seeking an intense energy surge, add RIPPED FREAK to the mix. With a potent 350mg per serving, RIPPED FREAK delivers a powerful punch to fuel your workouts and enhance fat loss. Take 1 capsule after breakfast, ensuring it’s consumed with food and 8 ounces of water for optimal absorption.

But it doesn’t stop there. We understand the importance of giving your body a break from high-stimulant products. That’s why we’ve designed a seamless cycling plan. Begin with 4 weeks of RIPPED FREAK, following the label directions. Then smoothly transition to 4 weeks of LEAN FREAK, allowing your adrenal glands to recharge while maintaining optimized fat loss.

How to STACK:
AM – Take 2 capsules of LEAN FREAK before breakfast.
AM – Take 1 capsule of RIPPED FREAK after breakfast.


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