Allmax GLUTAMINE, 1000g


Allmax Glutamine, 1000g

Intense Training Recovery Support:

Contains fermentation-derived Glutamine for enhanced recovery
Helps repair muscles and protect against breakdown
Supports immune function and diminishes muscle soreness

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Glutamine, a conditionally essential amino acid abundant in the body, becomes crucial during times of stress, such as intense workouts, when the body’s natural production may fall short. ALLMAX Glutamine provides a high-quality supplement sourced from natural fermentation, ensuring purity and efficacy in supporting muscle repair and recovery.

Research indicates that Glutamine supplementation aids in diminishing muscle breakdown by blocking the catabolic effects of cortisol, a stress hormone elevated during exercise. By promoting protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, Glutamine fosters the creation of new muscle tissue and minimizes post-workout muscle soreness, enhancing overall exercise recovery.

ALLMAX Nutrition employs advanced GLUTASURE technology to hyper-particulate Glutamine particles, enhancing suspension time in liquid and facilitating rapid absorption into the bloodstream. This meticulous manufacturing process ensures maximum bioavailability and effectiveness, distinguishing ALLMAX Glutamine as a superior choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking optimal recovery and immune support.

Informed Choice certification further underscores the product’s commitment to quality and safety, assuring consumers of its compliance with rigorous standards and testing procedures. By incorporating ALLMAX Glutamine into their regimen, individuals can experience accelerated recovery from intense training sessions and fortified immune function, promoting overall performance and well-being.


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