RedCon1 MRE LITE (Meal Replacement), 1.92lb


RedCon1 MRE Lite, 30 Servings
Real Food, Real Gains Your Whole Food Protein Powerhouse.
Whole Food Protein: 24g per serving from chicken, beef, salmon, and egg.
Digestibility: No whey protein, easy on the stomach, and no bloating.
Macros & Texture: Ideal post-workout macro profile with a creamy, milkshake-like texture.

Earn up to 65 Points.

The Ultimate Protein Source for Any Time of Day
Welcome to the next level of protein supplementation—MRE LITE Whole Food Protein. Engineered on the belief that real food protein is the ultimate fuel, MRE LITE goes beyond conventional protein shakes by delivering 24g of whole food protein per serving. But what makes this product truly shine is its low-carb formulation, making it the perfect option post-workout or anytime you need that extra protein boost without added calories or carbs.

Uncompromised Quality and Taste
Imagine a protein shake that doesn’t just taste good but feels good. MRE LITE is whey-free, meaning it’s easy on your stomach and eliminates the bloating commonly associated with other protein sources. Its unique blend of chicken, beef, salmon, and egg proteins offers diverse amino acid profiles, working synergistically to support muscle growth and recovery. The end result? A creamy, delicious shake that mixes effortlessly and satisfies your protein needs in the most wholesome way possible.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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Blueberry Cobbler, Cookies n' Cream, Fudge Brownie, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Cookie, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Milkshake


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