ProLine VITA PAKS, 30 Packets


ProLine Vita Paks, 30 Packets

Optimal Daily Nutrition in One Pocket-Sized Pack

Enhanced Performance & Energy: Elevate your vitality with advanced nutritional support for active men.
Heart & Cardiovascular Support: Maintain cardiovascular health for peak performance.
Convenient Once-A-Day Packs: 30 individually sealed packs with 8 easy-to-swallow capsules each.
No Tablets, Guaranteed Digestion: Capsules ensure efficient nutrient absorption compared to undigested tablets.
Advanced Nutrient Forms: Methylcobalamin, natural Beta Carotene, buffered Vitamin C, and an equal calcium-magnesium ratio.

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ProLine’s Vita Paks for Men revolutionize daily nutrition with a pocket-sized powerhouse containing essential vitamins and nutrients. Designed for active men and those with demanding lifestyles, each pack delivers comprehensive support that goes beyond regular multivitamins.

What sets Vita Paks apart is the absence of tablets—our easy-to-swallow capsules guarantee optimal digestion, ensuring your body absorbs the full spectrum of multi-minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids, greens superfood complex, and high-potency Vitamin B and C complexes. This innovative approach addresses common digestion issues associated with tablets, providing peace of mind about the nutrients your body receives.

Distinguished by advanced nutrient forms, our Vita Paks prioritize natural Beta Carotene, Methylcobalamin for Vitamin B-12 efficiency, and buffered Vitamin C for prolonged retention. The equal ratio of calcium to magnesium caters to the modern diet’s lack of magnesium and fulfills the higher magnesium requirements of athletes.

Extra nutritional support sets Vita Paks apart from standard multi-packs. Including Omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes, Siberian Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, and Chlorophyll, these packs go beyond the ordinary to provide comprehensive wellness.

We’ve eliminated time release technology, opting for more effective nutrient delivery. Additionally, our formulation avoids excessively high vitamin levels, ensuring a balance that supports liver health and avoids unnecessary waste.

Tailored for men, Vita Paks incorporate extra Zinc and Selenium, alongside Boron and Saw Palmetto for testosterone balance. The exclusion of iron aligns with recent findings linking excess iron to heart disease in men.

Choose ProLine Vita Paks for Men—a cutting-edge nutritional solution that redefines daily supplementation for optimal well-being. Elevate your performance, support your cardiovascular health, and simplify your nutrition with our once-a-day packs designed for the modern man on the go.


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