Progressive COMPLETE COLLAGEN, 500g


Progressive Complete Collagen

Progressive Complete Collagen: Repair and Rebuild with Superior Collagen!

10g of non-GMO collagen per scoop: Ideal amount for active body repair.
Sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle: Antibiotic and hormone-free for purity.
Added Vitamin C: Ensures your body can fully benefit from the collagen supplement.
Added Tryptophan: Completes amino acids for improved protein quality.
Enzymatically hydrolyzed: Easy mixing and better absorption.

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Your body is your ally, allowing you to lead an active life. However, without proper support for repair and recovery, you might start feeling the strains of an active lifestyle. Enter Complete Collagen.

This supplement boasts non-GMO hydrolyzed collagen sourced from pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, guaranteeing a minimum of 70% natural grasses. Free from antibiotics and added hormones, it’s a clean and reliable source.

Each scoop provides 10 grams of collagen, complemented by 100% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C, crucial for collagen formation. Additionally, 100 mg of L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid absent in collagen, completes the amino acid profile.

Health Canada-approved benefits include support for collagen and connective tissue formation, maintaining healthy bones, cartilage, teeth, and gums, as well as promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. When combined with regular resistance training and a balanced diet, it aids in building lean muscle.

Formulated by renowned naturopath Dr. Mikhael Adams, this collagen supplement is fortified with Pineapple and Papaya for added advantages. The hydrolyzed nature ensures easy absorption and instant mixing, thanks to a cleaner enzymatic process.

A word of caution: Collagen lacks essential amino acids unless you add tryptophan. This amino acid bridges the gap, enhancing collagen’s protein quality. Note that the nutritional profile may vary with flavor, providing a customized experience for your taste buds.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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