PharmaFreak TEST FREAK 2.0, 180 VCaps


PharmaFreak Test Freak 2.0
Elevate Your Testosterone to Unseen Heights!

New & Improved Formula: Packed with original Test Freak ingredients and enhanced with 7 powerful additions.
Clinically Proven Benefits:
Libido & Sexual Performance: Backed by human clinical studies for a noticeable boost.
Muscle Growth & Strength: Supports improvements in vital fitness aspects.
Reduced Estrogen & Cortisol: Balances hormones for optimal results.

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Why it Works:

Test Freak 2.0 redefines testosterone-boosting supplements with a clinically backed formula. It stimulates natural testosterone production while effectively reducing estrogen and cortisol levels. This comprehensive approach supports muscle growth, strength, recovery, and notably, libido and sexual performance.

Why It’s Better:

Experience the synergy of the original Test Freak formula combined with 7 new powerhouse ingredients. These additions work through unique mechanisms, intensifying testosterone production for unprecedented results.

7 New Ingredients in Test Freak 2.0:

LJ100: 100mg at a clinically proven dosage increases free testosterone release and blocks cortisol.
N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC): 600mg with antioxidant effects in the reproductive system when combined with selenium.
Selenium: 200mcg, enhancing antioxidant effects in the reproductive system alongside NAC.
Bromelain: 1g maintains testosterone levels through anti-inflammatory mechanisms.
Astragalus: 500mg, an adaptogen increasing Leydig cell count for testosterone production.
Rocket/Arugula: 200mg with a stimulatory effect on testes’ growth and proliferation process.
Aloe Vera Leaf Gel: 60mg increases stem cells in the reproductive system and stimulates Leydig cell activity.
Additional Ingredients:

Fenugreek: 550mg stimulates LH and testosterone release.
Tribulus: 500mg in synergy with fenugreek induces natural testosterone secretion.
Saw Palmetto: 80mg decreases DHT, resulting in increased testosterone.
Stinging Nettle: 60mg increases free testosterone release from SHBG.
Estrogen Blockers/Anti-Aromatase Ingredients:

Resveratrol (25mg)
Hesperidin (25mg)
Chamomile (Apigenin) (25mg)
ZMA Complex:

Zinc (30mg)
Magnesium (90mg)
Vitamin B6 (10.5mg)
Unlock the full potential of your testosterone with Test Freak 2.0—the most advanced and clinically proven test booster available. Elevate every aspect of your fitness journey, from muscle growth and strength to libido and sexual performance.


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