Magnum MIMIC (Glucose Metabolism), 60 Capsules


Magnum Nutraceuticals Mimic, 60 Capsules
Maximize every calorie with the natural glucose disposal agent (GDA) powerhouse.

Enhanced Glucose Metabolism: Supports healthy glucose metabolism without increasing insulin levels.
Carbohydrate & Fat Metabolism: Formulated to aid in the efficient metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.
Insulin Mimicry: Harnesses the power to mimic insulin for optimal nutrient uptake without spiking insulin.
Uptake to Working Muscles: Facilitates the uptake of glucose to fuel your active, working muscle tissue.

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Unlock the potential of your nutrition with Magnum Mimic, the natural glucose disposal agent that revolutionizes how your body metabolizes carbohydrates and fats. With 60 capsules per bottle, Mimic is your key to optimizing every calorie with science, integrity, and unmatched quality.

Mimic stands out as a GDA by its ability to mimic insulin without increasing insulin levels in the body. This unique feature supports healthy glucose metabolism, ensuring that your body efficiently utilizes carbohydrates for energy. The formula is crafted with precision to aid in the metabolism of both carbohydrates and fats, providing comprehensive support for your nutritional goals.

Experience the power of insulin mimicry, a process that optimizes nutrient uptake without the need for insulin spikes. Mimic is designed to work harmoniously with your body, facilitating the uptake of glucose to fuel your active, working muscle tissue. This not only supports energy levels but also aids in the preservation of muscle function during physical activity.

Magnum Mimic encapsulates the essence of scientific formulation, integrity in ingredients, and unmatched quality in every capsule. Elevate your nutritional strategy with Mimic, the natural glucose disposal agent that maximizes the potential of every calorie, helping you achieve your fitness goals with precision and efficiency.


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