Magnum AFTER BURNER, 72 Capsules


Magnum Nutraceuticals After Burner, 72 Capsules
Your ultimate Bedtime Burner for 24-hour fat burning.

Increases Fat Loss While You Sleep: Activates brown adipose tissue and uncoupling proteins for optimal fat burning.
Decreases Fat Storage: Optimizes metabolism to reduce the storage of fat.
Ignites Thermogenesis: Switches on PPAR alpha for increased thermogenic activity.
Relieves Stress & Anxiety: Enhanced with a Calming Complex for stress reduction and better sleep.

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Introducing Magnum After Burner, your effective Bedtime Burner with 72 capsules per bottle. Elevate your nighttime fat-burning game with a comprehensive solution designed to activate fat burning during sleep and optimize your diet for a 24-hour fat burning journey.

After Burner goes beyond typical nighttime fat burners by addressing key issues associated with burning fat at night. It activates brown adipose tissue, increases uncoupling proteins, switches on PPAR alpha, and suppresses nighttime cravings. The result is an effective solution that allows you to continue using fat for energy even while you’re soundly asleep.

With its carefully crafted formula, After Burner solves challenges such as a reduction in body temperature, a decrease in metabolic rate, an increase in fat storage, and high-level food cravings. This makes it the ideal companion for your nighttime weight management regimen.

Magnum After Burner is formulated with a Calming Complex, providing stress and anxiety relief without causing drowsiness or addiction. It contributes to a better overall sleep experience while supporting your 24-hour fat burning journey.

Choose After Burner for a holistic approach to nighttime fat burning, addressing both physical and mental aspects of wellness. It’s not just a supplement; it’s your partner in achieving a leaner, healthier you with the power of 24-hour fat burning.


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