Beyond Yourself Isolate Protein Candy Series – 28 Servings (848g)
Looking For A Cleaner, Better Tasting Whey Isolate?
Macro Friendly
26g of Protein
Pure Whey Isolate
Anti-biotic and Hormone-free.
Perfect For Smoothies

Earn up to 60 Points.

Your beloved whey protein isolate now comes in candy form! Each serving features 26g of pure isolate and only 121 calories, with no sugar added. Enjoy a delightful taste sensation with one of our extraordinary candy flavors.

It’s candy time breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With no sugar, low fat, low calories, and 26g of pure isolate protein – Beyond Yourself’s all-new Whey Protein Isolate: Candy Shoppe Series just became the must-have protein powder to satisfy that sweet tooth in all of us.

Drawing inspiration from popular candy flavors, the Candy Series blends Beyond Yourself’s top-notch protein sources and components with a classic candy flavor to create an unparalleled protein supplement!

Macro Friendly – Perfect to satisfy that sweet tooth while maintaining your macro goals.
26g of Protein – The perfect isolate protein quantity to fuel that post-workout recovery.
Pure Whey Isolate – The highest-quality sourced whey isolate designed for maximum bio-availability, along with being anti-biotic and hormone-free.
Perfect For Smoothies – The perfect addition that can turn smoothies or baking into the ultimate calorie-friendly sweet!
Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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Blue Freeze, Red, White & Boom, Tangy Peach Ringz


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