ATP Lab Inflam Control
Comprehensive Support Against Systemic Inflammation

Targeted Anti-Inflammatory Support: Designed to combat systemic inflammation, which is linked to a range of diseases including heart disease, depression, and cancer.
Potent Phytochemicals for Inflammation Reduction: Utilizes the power of plants to activate antioxidant responses against inflammatory agents.
BroccoPhane for Enhanced Sulforaphane Intake: Just 25mg of BroccoPhane provides more sulforaphane than 3lbs of broccoli, offering significant anti-inflammatory action.
Highly Absorbable Curcumin: Features Acumin, a patented curcumin product that is 5x more absorbable than regular curcumin, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
Boswellia for Joint Health: Aids in reducing joint inflammation, improving healing speed, and alleviating pain.
Serrapeptase for Inflammatory Process Degradation: Important enzyme that helps to reduce systemic inflammation, thereby slowing aging and decreasing the risk of major diseases.
Bromelain and Quercetin Synergy: When combined, these two components offer comprehensive anti-inflammatory action against all forms of inflammation.
Preventive Care Against Degenerative Diseases: Effective in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer through its anti-inflammatory properties.
Dosage for Optimal Results: 2 capsules are recommended to promote significant anti-inflammatory action.

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ATP Lab Inflam Control is a scientifically formulated supplement aimed at addressing the widespread issue of systemic inflammation, which affects overall health and is a contributing factor in many chronic diseases. By harnessing the anti-inflammatory properties of phytochemicals, Inflam Control offers a holistic approach to reducing inflammation and enhancing the body’s antioxidant capabilities.

This supplement stands out by incorporating ingredients with proven efficacy, such as the highly absorbable Acumin curcumin and BroccoPhane, which offers an unparalleled source of sulforaphane. Together with Boswellia for joint health, Serrapeptase for reducing blood inflammation, and the combined action of Bromelain and Quercetin, Inflam Control is a comprehensive solution for those looking to mitigate the effects of inflammation on their health.

Ideal for anyone seeking to reduce the risk of inflammation-related diseases, improve joint health, and support the body’s natural healing processes, ATP Lab Inflam Control represents a cutting-edge option in the fight against systemic inflammation.


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