Allmax QUICKMASS, 12lb


Allmax Quickmass
The Ultimate Mass Gain Formula
Rapid Mass Gain Catalyst: Expertly crafted to promote quick and significant mass gain, ideal for those looking to increase size and strength.
Low Sugar Content: Contains only 3g of sugar per scoop, ensuring a healthy balance in your mass gain journey.
Complex Carbohydrates Source: Includes a blend of complex carbs from sweet potato, oat fiber, quinoa, and more for sustained energy release.
Optimal Carb to Protein Ratio: Features a proven 3:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio for efficient muscle growth and recovery.
Free of Artificial Colors and Dyes: Committed to natural ingredients, free from unnecessary additives.
100% Whole Protein Sources: Utilizes a blend of proteins without any non-protein amino acids, ensuring pure and effective muscle building.
1010 Calories Per Serving: Each serving delivers a substantial 1010 calories from nutrient-rich sources to support mass gain.
Healthy Fats Included: Contains coconut oil powder, a source of medium-chain triglycerides, beneficial for weight gain and energy.
Sustained Protein Release: Uses 64g of sustained-release protein to continuously support muscle growth throughout the day.
Sophisticated Carb Blend: Carbplex blend absorbs slowly, providing extended energy for muscle growth and recovery.
Convenient and Delicious: Designed to be delicious with just water, eliminating the need for additional milk expenses.
Exceptional Taste Experience: Offers a delightful taste, making your mass gaining journey enjoyable.

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Allmax Quickmass sets a new standard in lean mass protein supplements, designed to effectively and efficiently help you gain muscle mass. It’s not just about the quantity of calories but the quality, and Quickmass delivers precisely that with its meticulously formulated nutrient matrices.

Quickmass stands out with its low sugar content and a complex carbohydrate blend, ensuring that your body gets the right kind of fuel for growth. The scientifically formulated 3:1 carb to protein ratio is specifically designed to maximize muscle recovery and growth.

In every serving, Quickmass provides an impressive 1010 calories, primarily sourced from high-quality proteins and complex carbohydrates, without relying on sugars or artificial additives. The inclusion of coconut oil powder adds healthy fats to the mix, further supporting mass gain.

Designed for both taste and convenience, Quickmass is perfect with just water, providing a cost-effective and delicious solution for your mass gain goals. Whether you’re a serious athlete or a fitness enthusiast looking to bulk up, Quickmass offers a reliable, tasty, and effective path to achieving your muscle-building objectives.

Nutritional profile may vary with flavour.

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