Allmax QUICKMASS, 10lb


Allmax Quickmass 10lb

Elevate Your Gains with the Optimal Lean Mass Gainer!

Precision Nutrition: Achieve efficient clean bulking with a proven 3:1 carb to protein ratio.
Clean Gains, Clean Ingredients: Zero trans fats, no artificial colors – whole protein source.
Scientifically Proven Results: Backed by a Gold-Standard university study for 4.5x fat-free mass gain.

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Unlock unparalleled gains with Allmax QuickMass, a revolutionary lean mass protein powerhouse designed for clean bulking and rapid mass gaining. Boasting a proven 3:1 carb to protein ratio, this formula ensures optimal nutrition for efficient muscle growth.

Delivering precision nutrition, QuickMass contains only 3g of sugar per scoop and is free of artificial colors and dyes. The 100% whole protein source guarantees pure gains without unnecessary additives. The revolutionary blend of high-molecular weight maltodextrin, sweet potato, quinoa, and oat fiber extends nutrient delivery, providing sustained levels of energy throughout the day.

Backed by university research, QuickMass sets the gold-standard in lean mass protein. In an 8-week Gold-Standard study at California State University, subjects gained 4.5 times more fat-free mass and increased chest size by 1 inch with the same calorie content as 2 servings of QuickMass per day.

QuickMass + MASS-PRO employs 64g of sustained-release protein to fuel muscle recovery and growth continuously. With a precise 3:1 carb to protein ratio, it ensures you get the right nutrients to power up your muscle protein synthesis and fuel lean mass gains. The combination of three different forms of protein with high levels of essential and branched-chain amino acids provides a more sustained delivery of protein for optimal growth.

The essential CARBPLEX technology, a slow-release clean-carb blend, absorbs up to 20 times more slowly than sugar, providing the ultimate mass fuel for sustained energy. Powered by long-chain, healthy, and complex carbohydrates like sweet potato, rolled oats, quinoa, and scientifically studied carbs like Cyclo-D and Soluble Corn Fiber, it’s a natural prebiotic.

One of the standout features of QuickMass is that it doesn’t require the addition of milk. While other products add unnecessary calories from milk, QuickMass ensures that all listed calories come from the product itself. Enjoy the perfect and delicious taste of QuickMass with just water – a cost-effective and refreshing option for your mass-gaining journey.

Don’t settle for a mass gainer that doesn’t align with your clean bulking goals. Allmax QuickMass is the ideal solution, delivering unmatched lean mass protein power for gains like you’ve never experienced before.

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