Advanced Genetics TESTDEX (Anti-Estrogen), 30 Caps


Advanced Genetics TestDex
Unleash your A-Game with TestDex – The World’s Most Powerful Anti-Aromatizing Test Booster!

Boost testosterone (up to 347%) and reduce estrogen (up to 35%)
Increase lean muscle mass, strength, and power
Enhance muscle hardness and elevate libido and sexual performance
Unique blend of cutting-edge ingredients for unparalleled anabolic optimization
Key ingredients include Hesperdin, Resveratrol, and Apigenin

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Elevate your performance to new heights with Advanced Genetics TestDex, the elite testosterone booster designed for unparalleled anabolic optimization. This powerhouse formula combines cutting-edge natural ingredients to boost testosterone by up to 347% while simultaneously lowering estrogen by up to 35%. The result? Increased lean mass, dramatic muscle hardness, and gains in strength and power, coupled with elevated libido and sexual performance.

Key ingredients to stimulate natural testosterone production and disrupt the negative feedback cycle that occurs at peak testosterone levels. Hesperdin, a citrus flavonoid, inhibits the aromatase enzyme, preventing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Resveratrol, a phenol from grape skin, acts as an estrogen antagonist and stimulates pituitary hormones responsible for testosterone production. Apigenin, a plant flavonoid, proves effective as an anti-estrogen agent.

Take your place on the battlefield fully equipped with TestDex, ensuring optimal hormonal balance. Super Soldiers aiming for a complete array of anabolic hormones can amplify their results by stacking TestDex with ALPHA and Go Dark.

How To Use: Take one TestDex capsule daily at the same time. Optimize your regimen with a 4-week on, 1-week off cycling approach for sustained results. Unleash the potential within with TestDex, the pinnacle of testosterone optimization.


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