Magnum ACID ISOLATE, 90 Capsules


Magnum Nutraceuticals Acid Isolate, 90 Capsules

Unlock the power of Pharmaceutical Grade CLA Isolate for targeted fat loss.

  • Prevent Fat Accumulation: Scientifically validated to inhibit fat from entering cells, reducing fat cell size and density.
  • Enhance Fat Burning During Sleep: Boosts caloric expenditure, particularly during sleep, for efficient fat burning.
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass: Acts as a nutrient partitioner, directing nutrients to where your body needs them most.
  • Reduce Hunger Cravings & Improve Satiety: Suppresses hunger, promotes feelings of fullness, and speeds metabolism.

Magnum Acid Isolate is not just a fat burner; it’s a scientifically validated, non-stimulant solution designed for targeted fat loss and muscle growth. With 90 capsules per bottle, Acid Isolate takes your fat loss journey to the next level.

At its core, Acid Isolate is a Pharmaceutical Grade CLA with an 85%+ isolation of the two most metabolically active isomers: cis-9, trans-11 and trans-10, cis-12. This powerful combination inhibits fat from entering cells, effectively decreasing the size and density of fat cells. The unique isomer profile also plays a vital role in increasing caloric expenditure, particularly during sleep, enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat efficiently.

Magnum Acid Isolate is more than just a fat burner; it’s a nutrient partitioner. It directs nutrients to where your body needs them most, promoting the growth of lean muscle mass. The benefits extend beyond fat loss, contributing to a tighter physique and improved overall body composition.

Experience the effectiveness of Magnum Acid Isolate in just six days of continuous use. It not only prevents fat accumulation but also reduces hunger cravings, improves feelings of fullness (satiety), speeds metabolism, and boosts protein assimilation for optimal lean muscle growth.

Make Magnum Acid Isolate a constant companion in your fitness journey, as it works better with continuous use over time. When you need precise, targeted fat loss and muscle-building support, Magnum Acid Isolate delivers results that you can see and feel